A group of varsity athletes row in the indoor rowing tank at Trent University.


Providing a competitive edge year-round.

As North America's most advanced indoor combination tank, the Carol Love Rowing/Paddling Tank is a premier training facility for both elite athletes and community members.

The unique combination tank enables eight rowers to either sweep row (one large oar) or skull (two small oars). It is also equipped for up to 32 Dragon Boat paddlers to practice and refine their skills.

From a competitive rowing perspective, the tank is invaluable, allowing athletes to row at "race rate," a unique feature for an indoor facility. The tank set-up also allows for coaches to stand close to the participants, dramatically increasing the learning time, and providing an ideal training environment for all skill levels, from the beginner to the elite athlete. Mirrors on the side of the room also allow rowers to study and develop their stroke. As a state-of-the-art and distinctive year-round training facility, the tank serves to attract athletes, competitors and coaches from across the country and around the world.

The paddling function of the tank helps support the ever-growing Dragon Boat market of adults who enjoy paddling and competing at a social or competitive level. This groundbreaking facility enables teams to remain together, training, socializing, staying fit and having fun year-round. 

With the capacity to transform seamlessly from rowing to paddling, the tank can be used by a range of teams and organizations, bringing attention and prestige to Trent and the local community.

Building on an existing reputation for excellence, the indoor tank solidifies Trent's position as a regional centre for rowing and paddling excellence.