Head of the Trent 2014: A First Year Student's Perspective

Oct 9, 2014

VIDEO: Check out this short video for a look at what Head of the Trent is all about Written by: Scott Gardner, first-year Journalism student I shivered as the crisp, rushing air moved over me and into trees, a shower of red orange and yellow leaves. Rain drops sputtered and splashed the surface of the Otonabee River. The calm before the storm. What could have dragged a young student like myself out of bed at this hour on a Saturday morning? A voice bellowed through a mega phone: “Division one! Boats in the water, Division one!” North America’s largest single day regatta race was about to begin, and my first ever Head of the Trent was underway. To be honest I wasn’t totally sure what to expect from Head of The Trent, and I got the sense that many of my fellow first years were in the same boat (pardon the pun). Wear something green, check. Post a picture on Instagram of you and all your new university friends wearing green. Okay check. Go to the bridge and scream and yell for all the rowers going underneath. This was the extent of my knowledge going into this weekend; and don’t get me wrong, these three steps are definitely important, but in no way do they sum up Head of The Trent, not even close. To describe Head of The Trent in one word? Overwhelming. Activity everywhere you look. Between rowing division races, you could head over to the Athletics Centre to catch a varsity game and cheer on the Trent Excalibur, or grab a hamburger from the barbeque, or take in some live music at the beer garden. All over campus there was some way to let out your Trent spirit, and oh we certainty did plenty of that. What really stood out to me was what was present on my way between the many events – the electric atmosphere of belonging to something bigger, being an integral part of the community here. It is called Trent University’s homecoming after all. Smiles and cheers from every passerby, Excalibur young and old just happy and proud to be part of a tradition as rich and warm as the one we have here. Alumni and upper year students stopping to say hello, and ask how I’m enjoying Trent. I repeat, upper year students, talking to me! The freshman!! If I didn’t feel at home at Trent already, I most certainly do after this weekend. Every university has an annual homecoming, and I bet it’s a pretty good time no matter which one you go to. But Trent has something totally different. It’s not just the massive rowing regatta race as the headliner; it’s the fact that I truly believe you won’t find this type of close knit, family atmosphere at any other university. Everyone becomes your best friend for the day all because you’re wearing green! I knew Head of the Trent would be a good time, but I could have never imagined it would have flipped my whole university experience on its head so early on. I no longer feel as if it is me against the grades. I feel like Trent is my home. A place to help mold me into the person I dream of being. A place to offer me a way of celebrating what it means to be a member of the Trent community every year on the banks of the Otonabee. Head of the Trent. A success once again in 2014. See you all next year!