Seniors Night is always a bittersweet game to be a part of. On one hand, you get to recognize some tremendous accomplishments by tremendous young student-athletes. On the other, you are bidding farewell to those same individuals, knowing they will not don the Green & White in varsity competition again. On Sunday night, the Excalibur recognized three members of the Women's Volleyball program in their final matches.


Fourth year leftside Camile Garzon has been a “go-to” player on the floor for the women’s volleyball team for the past 4 seasons. Particularly when the team made the jump from the OCAA to the OUA, her offensive prowess was a huge asset. Camile was always hungry to learn more about the game and share that knowledge with incoming players. Camile will be completing her degree in Social Work and hopes to continue her education with her Master’s in Social Work.


Fourth year libero Vanessa Aune, like her teammates Camile and Carley, was a key defensive piece in helping the women’s volleyball team with the transition from the OCAA to the OUA. Vanessa’s position as a defensive libero meant that she would face the OUA’s biggest offensive weapons and would never back down. Vanessa now plans to take a break from school after completing her degree in Biology while she works and participates in the national upgrade program for beach volleyball refereeing.


Fourth year middle/rightside Carley Gougeon has been an integral part of the women’s volleyball team for the past 4 seasons. Just like teammates Camile and Vanessa, Carley’s dominance at the net was a huge benefit to the team with the jump from the OCAA to the OUA. Carley is working towards completing her degree in Biology and is looking forward to participating in a field research project in Churchill, Manitoba this summer.


Second year libero Cass Pilacinski joined the team after completing her Kinesiology degree at Dalhousie, to complete her Teacher’s College education here at Trent. Cass made an immediate impact as a serve receive libero and her determination to never let a ball hit the floor was infectious to the rest of the team. Cass now has her sights set on securing a high school gym teacher position.