November 2nd, 2019

Trent 6 - 4 Queen's

Baggataway Cup, here we come.  In what was a fast paced, physical affair in the pouring rain, Trent found themselves on top in the end. Missing their top offensive threat, Nick Chaykowsky, due to NLL camp, Adam Kitchen picked up the pace scoring a hat-trick and adding an assist. Trent weathered the storm - literally - keeping the game until the dying minutes of the fourth quarter, scoring the sixth goal and ultimately pulling away for the victory. Trent now travels to McGill next weekend for the Baggataway Cup Tournament, playing Guelph on Friday evening.



The Excalibur men's lacrosse team visits McGill for a quarter-final match-up with Guelph on Friday, November 8th at 6 PM.


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