October 25 - October 27

Men's and women's volleyball teams visit Ryerson Rams on Saturday.


Events this Weekend:



November 26

Women's Volleyball: Trent Excalibur @ Ryerson, 6 PM

Men's Volleyball: Trent Excalibur @ Ryerson, 8 PM



Women's volleyball closes out 2019 with a road match against the 7-0 Ryerson Rams. The women are 1-6 with 4 set victories. Heidi Hayes and Jill Barr have been pillars on the court, producing positively each game.

Following the women's match, the men will also close out 2019 against Ryerson. Trent is currently 0-6 with 3 set victories. Rookie Ryan Austin has shown he can compete at the varsity level playing 18 sets with only 6 errors.


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