Together we are one Excalibur. Lacrosse image with text overlay.

Individually, Trent Excalibur is built up by many athletes, many sports, and many dreams – but together, we are so much more. Together, we are one team, we are one goal, we are One Excalibur. Together we are a picture of what sport can do. One Excalibur celebrates our unity and our commonalities.  

This new brand represents all of the people who have helped you get to where are you, and represents all of the athletes who will come after you at Trent University. Your varsity teammates help you along your journey as a varsity student-athlete.   Together we are 1 Excalibur!

We, along with a number of student-athletes, had the opportunity to share our stories and our voice on this brand enhancement.  On behalf of all of our student-athletes and Trent Athletics, we want to thank the Trent Marketing Department and also Matt Aubie from Aubs & Mugg for their tremendous support and for making sure our athlete voice was included as part of this wonderful brand enhancement.   We truly feel we are 1 Excalibur!