The Trent University curling philosophy is to support each student athlete in their academic endeavours and also engage them in the pursuit of excellence on ice. Apart from the obvious physical attributes of coordination, endurance, balance and sensitivity, competitive curling develops mental toughness and team-building skills – invaluable personal traits in many other walks of life.

In the past, Trent curling teams have included players who have competed and won at provincial and national championships.  At the other extreme, a few varsity curling alumni had their first exposure to curling while at Trent University. Players at all levels of development are encouraged to participate in tryouts every year. 

On February 21, 2011 Trent’s varsity men won the university’s first-ever OUA championship curling banner, defeating Wilfrid Laurier in the gold medal final. In February 2012, Trent University hosted the OUA provincial championship event in Guelph. Both the Trent curling varsity teams missed the 2017 podium despite solid efforts throughout the week. Trent’s coaches look forward to their varsity teams competing in the 2018 OUA’s.

Trent University is proud to be a staunch supporter of these championships. With these events now established, Trent varsity players can pursue their aspirations of interuniversity competition at the provincial, national and even world championship levels. The future of university curling in Canada looks bright, and Trent University has been an active proponent.

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