Rules and Schedules

Rules and Regulations

Sport Descriptions and Rules

All sport rules are available here. Please familiarize yourself with the rules of the sport(s) you will be playing and contact your captain with any questions you might have.

 Fair Play is the Way!

Campus Recreation at Trent University aims to provide you with a variety of activities. Our goals is to get everyone involved. Our focus
is on participation. Fair Play governs all of our Campus Rec programs 
and activities. Fair Play is a philosophy, an attitude, a practice, and ultimately a way of life promoting fairness, integrity, and respect in sport.

Fair Play Principles

Respect the rules

Respect the officials and their decisions

Respect your opponent

Give everyone an equal chance to play

Maintain self control at all times.

Never resort to or permit violence or abuse in any form.

 Any athlete who contravenes the Fair Play policy may receive a suspension, lose their performance bond or lose their privilege of playing in the Campus Recreation programs.

Players who find themselves on a team that does not conduct themselves in the spirit of Fair Play should contact the Campus Rec Coordinator to see about being placed on another team.


We Believe in Respect

The Trent University Athletic Complex is a respectful environment that is strengthened by the diversity of our clients and staff. Visitors are required to treat everyone with respect. Trent University is committed to responding to and addressing situations of discrimination, inappropriate behaviour, and harassment, in a prompt and serious manner. Please contact the Campus Rec office ( if you have an issue that requires attention.


Spirit Score

Every participant, player, captain, referee and convenor will all have an active part in upholding the Fair Play principles. A team's fair play will be measured through a rating structure of 1 to 5, called Spirit Score ratings. These scores are one indication of how well a team has upheld the principles of Fair Play in a game.


Artificial Grass Field Guidelines

  • All users must respect the start and end times as outlined on their contract.
  • Maximum cleat size of 13mm (½") or less for all activities.
  • Rugby shoes must be fitted with safety studs.
  • Moulded soccer shoes are recommended.
  • Nothing may be inserted into the field (eg. posts, poles, wickets).
  • Recreational track is suitable for wheelchairs, walkers and roller blades.
  • Softball/baseball is not permitted.
  • Teams should change in the change rooms – not outside. All users must receive prior approval from the Athletic Department before bringing any portable nets or heavy equipment on the field (balls excluded).
  • For safety and for the sport teams, during bookings, spectators/parents must remain in the bleachers or on the grass areas on the east side.
  • Spectators are not permitted on the track or rock wall while activities are in progress.
  • No smoking, pets, bicycles, or skate boards anywhere inside the fenced area.
  • No food, gum or sunflower seeds on the field.
  • Please use the bicycle racks located at the entrance to the Athletic Complex.
  • Help us keep our facility clean. Use the receptacles provided for garbage and recycling.
  • When the field is in use, the track is closed to prevent collisions and ball injuries.
  • For your safety, please stay off the field, track and bleachers if there is any thunder or lightning.


If you have comments on a Campus Rec program you recently participated in, or ideas for a new one, please contact us