Trent Men’s Lacrosse Capture The Gaiters

Trent Men’s Lacrosse Capture The Gaiters

In short, Steve Irwin would have been overly enthusiastic in how the Trent University Excalibur men’s lacrosse team patiently captured the Bishop's Gaiters with a demanding 16-9 win to cap off Homecoming at Head of the Trent 2017. 

After down 3-0 in the first 10 minutes due to some penalty trouble, the Excalibur, lead by goaltender Kyle Holton, started to catch their groove.

Courtland Black-Araujo, Adam Perroni, and Garrett Eddy helped even the score before the end of the 1st quarter and kick started an eight unanswered goal run leading into the 2nd half.

As expected, the Gaiters put up a fight in the 3rd quarter, but were no match for the duo of Nick Karam and Garrett Eddy who quickly exposed the Gaiters defence and sealed the deal for the Excalibur.

With the win, the Excalibur move back into 2nd place in their division.


Scoring details:

Nick Karam (1G, 5A), Garrett Eddy (5G), Jeff Fernandes (3G, 2A), Courtland Black-Araujo (2G, 1A), Dan Michel (1A, 2A), Nick Finlay (2G), Adam Perroni (2G), Cole McWilliams (1A), Lyman Beatty (1A), Johnny Lynch (1A), Pat McCrory (1A).